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Inside Forbes' ranking of the country's most successful self-made women entrepreneurs and executive…

Learn More - May

Suzy breaks down how she developed her business model and marketing campaigns.

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Create and Cultivate

The women creating, collaborating and cultivating community.

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Dallas Innovates - May

Poo~Pourri’s Suzy Batiz Partners With ‘a Foundation Close to Her Heart’ to Fight Crohn’s and Colitis

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An Entrepreneur Worth $500 Million's Early Bird Morning Routine.

Learn More - April

Gerard Adams sits down with Suzy Batiz to discuss her guiding principles and latest projects.

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Modern Luxury Dallas, May Issue

Wellness Expert, Suzy Batiz, reveals what she does to live a balanced life.

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Dallas Innovates - April

The Women of Innovation Summit Brings Together Female Change Makers, Visionaries, and Leaders.

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Clean Cleaning: How Eco-Friendly Companies Are Rebranding Your Least Favorite Chore.

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