What Makes an Idea Alive?

You just declared your intention to explore an alive idea. You don’t know it, but you made a commitment to yourself.

But, wait a minute, how do you know what an alive idea is in the first place?

It’s simple. Just look for the signs!

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The more you dare, the greater your return will be.

The next step is to share your alive idea.

What is Your Idea?

We get that you may feel weird or cautious to send us your idea;

“What are they going to do with my precious dream?”

No worries. You can write it in code, or backwards, or whatever feels comfortable to you. That way you know its safe.

Keep it short and exact. One out breath. It’s your lunch order to the (universal) waitress.

${ ideaResponse }

I’d like to jump directly to the Aliveness Meter.
(If it’s your first time, we recommend not skipping)

But the idea alone is just one piece of the puzzle.
Let’s check out your aliveness!

How Alive Do You Feel?

One last thing, I want you to check your overall energy level right now.

Take some time to adjust the aliveness meter on the left based on your current feelings of vitality, with “Ugh.” being low in vitality and “Oh my god” being strong in vitality.

This is going to become incredibly useful (actually indispensable).

Trust me. I check in on my aliveness at least 30 times a day.

It’s yours to experiment with. Keep it close by.

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personal note from Suzy

Do you know anyone who could be helped by these insights? Share your experience and ah-has with them. #ideasarealive

You Leveled up your Tuning Skill!

If you feel ALIVE right now, that’s great!

If you don’t, that’s fine too.

What? Yes, it’s actually more important to celebrate your commitment to listening to your own guidance.

It’s a whole new game we’re playing together.

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© Suzy Batiz