When an Idea Feels ALIVE

Jul 30, 2019

How do you know which ideas to follow?⁠

I consider myself a creator by nature. I love bringing ideas to life and sharing them with the rest of the world. But how do you figure out which ideas are truly worth pursuing?⁠ After all, we are creative by nature and we have a ton of ideas each day. That can leave you spinning with confusion and doubt.

A friend once asked me as a successful entrepreneur how I knew which ideas to follow. It was hard for me to explain — it was just like a feeling in my body and an innate knowing. As I went back and analyzed, I realized that the ideas that turned out most successful were the ones I was really excited about… the ones that felt, well, ALIVE.

I believe the majority of business that fail do so because they're developed with a strategic mind only, and they're not coming from any kind of aliveness or real passion. Next time you're deciding whether to pursue an idea, ask yourself: Does this idea light me up? Does it feel good in my body? Does it give me energy? Do I feel excited thinking about the work it's going to take to bring it to life?

Do you have an idea that feels ALIVE?

[Image credit: Daniel Johnson / @circlecirclemath]


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