Turning Adversity Into Your Superpower

Apr 19, 2019

For many of us, the fear of not having money serves as a major motivator in our lives and in business. But what if growing up with difficulty could actually be your superpower for business?

It took me many years to know that growing up poor made me incredibly resourceful. I didn’t think of going out and buying things. I knew if I had an idea that I could create it, because that’s the way I grew up: If you wanted something for dinner, you made it. If you wanted a dress in a particular design, you sewed it.⁣ If you spend a lot of time training your "creator muscles," you won't let any obstacles stand in the way of actually making your ideas into reality!⁣

When I meet someone who’s grown up poor by Western society’s standards or otherwise had a hard life, I get excited because I know you’re resilient, I know you have flexibility, I know you have the will and the determination to get yourself out of any situation. It's amazing to see how we can harness superpowers we may once have seen as weaknesses in our lives.⁣⁣

What’s a superpower you’ve gained through adversity?


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