It All Starts With Intention

Jan 4, 2020

Want to manifest your greatest desire?

It starts with INTENT.

Scrolling through social media might have you thinking that living with intent means speaking a wish or mantra to yourself occasionally, and then watching as your life magically changes before your eyes.

But real change takes great focus and consistency. True intent is laser focus and determination beyond your normal capacity. True intent is making a firm decision and being resolved not to change it no matter what the outside world presents to you.

You know how in sci-fi movies, there’s always a scene with the spaceship flying through atmospheric debris and it takes all the might of the captain to hold steady as they go through it, knowing if he doesn't stay laser focused on navigating, they’ll all die? That's the kind of effort real intention takes.

As I look back at the biggest accomplishments of my life, I can see they required iron resolve. They took radical intention that I had to hold regardless of what emotions I was experiencing or what was being presented by the outside world. I had to hold that desire so steady and solid that it persevered beyond all those life circumstances.

That kind of laser-focused intention — not the passive wish we merely think about every few days — is how we create the life of our dreams, regardless of what’s happening around us.

What intentions are you setting in 2020?

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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