Going With the Flow

Oct 3, 2019

Are you going with the flow?⁠

When we become fixated on planning for the future, we have a tendency to overthink and under-feel. We operate entirely from our strategic mind to create a plan, leaving little room for flexibility and fluidity.⁠

I had lunch with a woman I’m mentoring and she told me she’s working on her business plan. I suggested that she FEEL into what needs to happen rather than focusing so much on what she THINKS need to happen. You cannot plan for what will happen in the future; you can have goals but never a plan that’s set in stone, because things move quickly in business and agility and flexibility are your greatest assets.⁠

The same applies to the rest of our lives. So often you hear people talk about their life plans in great detail, like they intend to get married by 25 and have 2 kids by the time they’re 30. But the universe doesn’t operate according to any schedule you might want to create for it, and trying to adhere to these types of plans often means trying to force things to happen when they’re not in flow.⁠

It’s great to have goals, but I suggest paying more attention to what’s going in the moment. Instead of focusing so much on your plan, be open to changing and flowing as life happens and watch the magic that unfolds.⁠

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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