Free Up Your Energy by Tying Up Loose Ends

Nov 18, 2019

Tying up loose ends is a powerful way to free up your energy.⁠

It’s the same concept as cleaning out your closets and drawers in your home. All that clutter creates distraction and frustration; clearing out those spaces frees up your bandwidth for other more desirable things.⁠

Over the past week I’ve been making a lot of phone calls to say things I’ve left unsaid for years. I’ve done an immense amount of internal work on myself but I wasn’t always so self-aware, and there are people in my past that I treated unfairly. I didn’t call them to grovel or beg for forgiveness, but simply to close the energetic loose ends left dangling between us. Owning up to the fact that I didn’t give them a fair shot puts everything out on the table and completes that energetic loop, freeing up energy for both of us.⁠

One of the best ways to create flow in your life is to tie up loose ends, especially any you’ve been scared to face. That could mean outstanding projects, unspoken words, unpaid debts or promises left unfulfilled. When we leave loose ends dangling, they keep our attention subconsciously. It’s like clogged pipes: If your drain has stuff stuck in it, nothing can flow through it.⁠

If you find yourself feeling stuck, take a good hard look at where your pipes might be clogged. Are there loose ends you need to tie up? It can be scary to face them but you’ll be amazed at how much energy it frees up!⁠⠀

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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