Flirting With Life

Sep 26, 2019

Do you flirt with life?⁠

“I’m not good at flirting,” I said. All my friends at the table laughed: “Are you crazy? You’re the biggest flirt!”’⁠

I was so confused — then I tuned in and realized that I flirt with life constantly.⁠

I waltz between love affairs all day: I love beauty, I love the flowers the earth made for me, I love connected conversation (especially when people show me their heart), I love making my special tea every morning, I love being creative at work, I love that feeling of riding a wave of inspiration. I love my morning meditation where I still my mind, I love feeling blessed by so many opportunities to tell my story, I love having a struggle and coming out with an “aha!” realization. I love the opportunity to share this with you now, and the truth is I want to love more and deeper.⁠

So if you call that flirting then yes, I do flirt — with every aspect of life!⁠

What are you in love with right now?

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson


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