Are You Waiting for Change?

Feb 20, 2020

Waiting... waiting... and still waiting.⁠

I often get caught up in the belief that people will change.⁠ I avoid the tough conversations because somehow I believe that if I wait long enough they'll get it — they'll wake up and finally we will align.⁠

This is the hope addict in me... just sitting and waiting.⁠ It’s a freeze tactic really — it’s a stall that stops energy... so now I'm stuck.⁠

I've run around having conversations behind their back as if this will somehow change them. ⁠

I’m avoiding, rather than fully facing the situation and having what my mentor Gay Hendericks calls "the sweaty 10 minute conversation" with the person about what I desire in our connection.⁠ I created this pattern as a child when I was told to shut up and not ask for what I want. That’s an old program.⁠

My life has improved everywhere I’ve had the courage to have these tough conversations.⁠

Yes, they are sometimes sweaty and difficult because I don’t like conflict — yet when I am courageous enough to speak what I’m feeling, the energy shifts immediately and 99 percent of the time the other person is so grateful for the conversation.⁠ Who have you been waiting on to change — or *what* have you been waiting on to change?

What do you need to fully face?⁠

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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