Butterflies Don’t Hang Out With Caterpillars

Sep 13, 2019

Butterflies don’t hang out with caterpillars.⁠ It’s biology. It’s not rude — they just want to fly.

As you grow and transform, you will naturally shift away from certain people, places and things in your life. If they aren’t growing along with you, you become dissonant — energetically, you’re no longer a match. Again, this isn't personal, it's physics! It’s a natural part of transformation and evolution.

We see the same concept mirrored in nature: Butterflies don’t hang around caterpillars; once they go through metamorphosis and are able to fly, they leave their old life behind.⁠ Some people will evolve with you — so let them come along! But don’t be so focused on clinging to things in your life that you forget to fly.

[Image credit: Daniel Johnson / @circlecirclemath]


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