Your Body Is Your Tuning Fork

Aug 9, 2019

Your body is your tuning fork. How are you taking care of it?⁠

I treat my body like a temple because it’s the most important tool I have in navigating the world. I've been a vigilant warrior when it comes to removing internal blocks so I can feel more and have better access to my intuition, the internal guidance system we're all born with!⁠

Once you learn to tune into that internal GPS and let it guide you, you’ll find that it’s never wrong. I check in with my body numerous times a day to see how “alive” I’m feeling; if I feel low, I know a project or an idea probably isn’t a fit at this time or altogether. If I feel energized or get chill bumps, then it’s a “hell yes”! But to keep that guidance system in proper working order, you have to maintain it.

Yoga, salt baths, daily exercise, lots of vitamins and supplements and meditation every single morning are some of my non-negotiables as well as EMDR, Psych-K, plant medicines, etc. I’m also constantly checking in with my body to see if I’m overextending myself. If I start feeling run down or zapped of energy, then I know I need to rebalance by taking time out. “Self-care” is such a buzzword right now but it doesn’t have to mean bubble baths and pricey face masks — sometimes it’s just taking a whole weekend to lay around and do nothing!⁠

How do you take care of your internal navigation system?

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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