Jan 11, 2020

What wants to live through you?⁠

When you have an ALIVE IDEA, the kind of idea that lights you up and gives you energy, and you can’t stop thinking about it, you connect with its life force energy, and vice versa.⁠ The idea gives you energy as you give it energy, keeping it alive in the world.

The question is: Can you step out of the way enough to allow the idea to live through you?⁠ Can you trust it enough to simply be the conduit for the idea, instead of making it all about you?⁠

Think of it like having a growing child in your belly.⁠ It becomes your priority, and you do everything in your power to nurture it so you can birth it into the world.⁠ You can’t control how that little being develops or what it will look like; you simply support its growth.⁠

What if you could approach your idea, your intention or your business the same way?⁠ When you remember that your idea has a life force energy that wants to live in the world, you can tap into that energy and support it.⁠

Instead of struggling with thinking of what to do next or if you’re doing it right, focus on — what does THE IDEA want?⁠ Instead of feeling like you’ve got to have all the answers and know exactly what to do, focus on supporting your idea so it can come into the world.⁠

Think of yourself as the birth parent of your idea, giving it life force energy so it can grow up healthy and strong.⁠

What wants to live through you today?

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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