The Magic of Synchronicities

Jul 22, 2019

Are you listening to signs from the universe? Because they’re clearly laid out for you!

Have you ever experienced a coincidence that was too unlikely to ignore? Maybe it’s an idea that seems to be following you and then you see it on a billboard, in a book or even hear it in a song, or you sit next to someone on a plane who does exactly the kind of work you’ve been looking for. They happen all the time if you look out for them. You might be tempted to dismiss them as just weird coincidences — but they’re actually meaningful signs from the universe letting you know you’re headed in the right direction!

It was psychologist Carl Jung who coined the term synchronicity for these kinds of “meaningful coincidences.” He believed that life isn’t just a series of random events, that we are all part of a universal wholeness and that synchronicities help put us in touch with that greater wholeness.

Synchronicities are a sign that you’re in flow, AKA resonance. Think of them like a trail of breadcrumbs from the universe — the more you stay on the path, the more magic that will happen. People always say, “Of course that happens in Suzy’s world!” but it’s available to us all. Once you begin following your path of synchronicities and the magic they create, People will begin noticing and saying, “That always happens in your world!” (Think of them as the secret key to living in easy world!)

Are you noticing the “meaningful coincidences” popping up in your life?

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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