Finding Your Genuine Smile

Jan 7, 2020

Is your smile coming from within?

Whenever I work with a photographer that I don’t resonate with, it comes through in the photos: My smile looks forced through gritted teeth.⁠ But when we’re resonant, my smile comes from the inside out.⁠ It’s palpable in the photos — I can’t fake it.⁠

Scientists claim that forcing ourselves to smile can actually improve our mood a bit. But I prefer to work from the inside out.⁠

How you can rework your internal world (and consequently, transform your external world) so that all your smiles come from the inside…no faking required?⁠ When you curate your life for resonance, meaning you move toward the things that light you up and drop the things that are dragging you down, you’ll find that ALL your smiles are genuine.

What’s making you smile today?⁠

[Photo credit: Jonathon Zizzo]


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