Protect Your Energy

May 13, 2019

Life lately has been moving at lightning speed and it’s easy to lose ourselves in the process of flowing with epic energy. More opportunities often mean more things to do and more people that want your attention. ⁣You can be pulled in a lot of directions.

One of my coaches, Brandon Hawk, talks about the concept of “overgiving,” whether it’s to a job, a partner, or our families and how it can build resentment within us which can cause us to blame and demonize the person. It’s not a cool scenario for anyone.

We have to remember that our energy is the most valuable currency that we have. We often forget about ourselves but it's so important for us to protect our energy as it’s our greatest resource!

Start by choosing yourself. It’s not always easy but you can start building the muscle with a small thing — like canceling dinner plans when you’re tired — and eventually work up to the biggies, like changing careers or getting out of a relationship that's not serving you anymore.⁣

How can you choose yourself today?


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