Living in a Church Started as an ALIVE IDEA

Jun 14, 2019

Following an alive idea often means tuning other people out.

I live in an old church. It’s incredibly beautiful and has even been featured in magazines — but when I wanted to buy it five+ years ago, literally no one thought it was a good idea.

As soon as I walked into the church, which is a century old, I knew I wanted it to one day be my home. It had incredibly warm sacred energy and I knew living there would be magical. But turning it into a home was a huge job — it was more than 100 years old and frankly it was a mess. Even my realtor tried to talk me out of buying it!

But I knew I had to do it. I had toyed with the idea of living in a church for years and it had all the signs of an alive idea: I could feel excitement in my body when I walked into the building, I felt energized and couldn’t stop thinking about it and I was seeing synchronicities everywhere.

I had dreamed of hosting workshops for women and I knew this was the perfect place to do it because of the church’s healing energy. In 2013 an artist named Tanya Harris visited majestic old churches throughout Europe and conducted an experiment: She recorded the sound of silence inside the churches and then played the sounds through light and water to see the patterns created by each church’s unique frequency. Amazingly, the patterns resembled the beautiful stained glass artwork found in cathedrals! Meanwhile science is proving that our bodies can be healed by sonic frequencies. The sounds don’t even need to be audible — we benefit just from being in spaces with sacred energy.

People often ask me how long it took to remodel the church and I reply, “You should ask the church how long it’s taken to remodel me!” It’s been such a place of deep healing for me and everyone who visits. That’s the real blessing here.

What places give you energy? Is there a particular space that you feel resonant with?

[Photo credit: Texas Monthly]


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