Living Fully

Feb 4, 2020

You’re alive… but are you really LIVING?⁠

⁠Do you feel open, energetic, present, vibrant?⁠ Sure, we all do in spurts.⁠ But most of us probably felt more alive as children when we felt freer to express ourselves. ⁠

We might’ve dreamt of being an astronaut or a cowboy as we jumped off furniture, built forts, dressed up in costumes and imagined a world of infinite possibility.⁠ That was until someone came along and told us to stop being so wild, to settle down.⁠

You may have seen me roller skating around my living room in my stories recently. Someone asked me “Won’t that hurt the floors?” I said, “Who cares? I’ll get them redone.”⁠⁠

I believe in living fully — all the way to your edges!⁠⁠ What would you do if you weren’t worried about someone else’s disapproval?⁠ Or worried you’ll make a mess or worse — that you’ll do it wrong?⁠

What if you could shake off all those fears?⁠ If you could move toward your own aliveness, regardless of what anyone else thinks.⁠

How can you be more ALIVE today?⁠

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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