Let Go of What’s Dragging You Down

Aug 14, 2019

Want to free up your energy?

The fastest and easiest way is to let go of the things that are dragging you down.⁠

Pay particular attention to your energy after an event (meeting, dinner, work, etc). Notice if you feel drained, which is different from simply being tired from working hard. If a person, place or thing is draining you, move away from it as gracefully as possible.

I've been guiding my women's entrepreneur group through an "energy cleanse", evaluating where their energy is being spent in all areas of their life. The biggest drains of our energy are usually those things we think we *have* to do, like talking to a friend that's always caught up in drama or listening to a negative co-worker vent.⁠

Dissonance is when 2 energy waves come together and both energy waves have less energy together than they do apart — so you're not doing that friend, relative, coworker any favors. You're not only contributing to your own lack of aliveness, you're also contributing to theirs! (Check out the second slide to see how dissonance can show up.)⁠

Wake up to how you feel and get honest with yourself and others. Be brave enough to drop anything from your life that doesn't create ease and flow.⁠

Are you ready to let go?

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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