Are You Living in Abundance?

Jan 15, 2020

Are you living an abundant life?⁠

True abundance doesn’t mean having a flashy car or diamonds.⁠ It means recognizing how much has had to go right in your life for you to be here right now, and living in a state of gratitude for everyone and everything around you.⁠

When you’re abundant, you want everyone else to be abundant too.⁠ Another person’s success isn’t a threat; it’s an inspiration to be celebrated.⁠

When you recognize and are truly grateful for the abundance and joy in your life, you want to share it.⁠ When you’re truly abundant, you want to help others.⁠

You don’t need to be at a certain level of success in order to share it with others.⁠ You don’t have to wait until you’re a celebrity or an influencer or a millionaire.⁠ You can do it no matter where you’re at, starting right now.⁠

Maybe you have a younger colleague at work who could use some advice on their career. Or a friend who’s struggling with something you’ve already gone through. There’s always someone you can help give a leg up, if you take the time to look behind you.⁠

What can you teach others?⁠

How can you help someone else find their path?⁠

What's making you feel abundant today?⁠

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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