I Commit to Easy World

Apr 19, 2019

Recently I was on the 10,000 “No”s podcast with Matthew Del Negro and he asked me what my go-to mantra is. That’s an easy one! I told him, “I commit to easy world where everything is easy.”

If you know me or if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about easy world. A couple years ago for Christmas the Poo~pourri crew even gave me an amazing sign that says “I live in easy world." My mentor Gay Hendricks introduced me to easy world a few years ago. It’s not a theme park or even an actual physical place: It’s a commitment and a practice. The concept is simple but it’s transformational! (One of his students Julia Rogers Hamrick went on to write an entire book about it.)

Committing to easy world is all about being in flow. When you commit to living in easy world, things will seem to work out like magic because you’re allowing the universe to act on your behalf and life becomes well, easier. This doesn’t mean there’s no effort required, just not the kind of grind our culture rewards such as: Push through! Just do it! Etc.⁣

Whenever you find yourself getting caught up in struggle, you’ve left easy world. That’s not necessarily a stop sign, but more of a yield sign to pay attention to what you’re doing and why. It’s a sign to pause and investigate. Notice what you did to get out of easy world — it’s almost always an override or compromise you made.⁣

But getting back to easy world is, well, easy... All you have to do is commit back to the affirmation, “I commit to easy world where everything is easy.” I’m constantly reminding myself that when something’s not easy — meaning it’s not in flow — it's not right. When it's a struggle and walls keep closing down in front of me, I ask myself, “Hold on. Should I even be doing this? Why am I doing it?” When I’m in struggle that means it’s time to take a deep breath and get back to easy world!⁣

Do you choose easy world? Click here to listen to Matthew Del Negro and I talk about easy world on the 10,000 "No"s podcast, or find it on iTunes.


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