How to Get a Kick Back in Your Step

Dec 22, 2019

Energy is everything.⁠

Taking a good hard look at where you’re putting your energy is the quickest way to put a kick back in your step.⁠

If you’re feeling zapped, bored, numb or gloomy… get curious about where dissonance (people, places, things or ideas that don’t resonate with you!) may be showing up in your life.⁠ Is there a relationship in your life that’s draining you? An old habit or a routine that’s no longer serving you? A project at work that leaves you feeling exhausted?⁠

The sooner you can drop what’s weighing you down, the more energy you’ll free up to follow the things that turn you on. Start reinvesting that energy in the things that light you up and watch as your energy grows exponentially. It’s the best return on investment you can get!⁠

What’s putting a kick in your step today?⁠

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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