Fluff Out Your Feathers!

Jun 29, 2019

Why as women are we so afraid to take up space? So often we sit with our legs crossed, our arms crossed, shrinking ourselves to take up as little room as possible. We barely take up even our own physical space, let alone the energy filled around us we all know as our bubble.

We apologize for things that aren’t our fault. We speak softly so as not to offend with our loud voices. We filter our words to make sure we remain “ladylike.” We minimize our accomplishments so as not to seem overly confident or proud.⁠ It can be difficult to say the least to break out of all this societal and cultural programming that we’ve had drilled into our heads practically since birth. But it’s not impossible! We can decide to live “all fluffed out to our edges,” as my mentor Katie Hendricks says.

I’ve been trying to take up my space more and more, and it’s been a process of freeing myself from the internal constraints or programmed beliefs: I’m too much, I’m a brat, how dare you, you demand/require too much, on and on.

What can you do today to be fully and unashamedly yourself? Laugh loud. Take up space. Remove the “sorry to bother you” from your emails. Tell someone about an achievement without being self-deprecating. Let someone into your bubble today. Start opening up and unfolding all those years of protecting it so you can live all the way to your edges!

How can you “fully fluff your feathers” AKA fully occupy your space today?

[Photo credit: Daniel Johnson]


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