Does Your Environment Turn You On?

Jul 2, 2019

Part of self-expression is surrounding yourself with things that resonate and enliven you. Whether it’s the people we spend time with, the places we hang out or the clothes we wear, it’s all an opportunity to express ourselves from a place of authenticity.⁠

When renovating the church that became my house (talk about a gigantic project!!), A lot of thought and intention into the things it was filled with. 95% of the things house are vintage, custom-made and/or sustainable — not just stuff you can walk into a store and buy! These statues by the koi fish pond are vintage, and we repurposed an old fire escape into a planter. I love spending time in my home because I love everything in it, not what someone else loves or is on trend.

The things in your home don’t have to be new — years ago before I really had any money, I used to find furniture on the side of the road and spray paint it to make it my own. Garage sales and hand-me-downs are great ways to find things with meaning. It definitely takes more time and energy than just walking into Ikea or Pottery Barn but the end result is a living space that lights you up and gives you energy!⁠

Is there a piece of furniture or a family heirloom in your home that’s especially meaningful to you?

[Photo credit: Texas Monthly]


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