Are You Living Separate Lives?

Aug 13, 2019

Do you ever feel like you're living separate lives?⁠ Being a different person in various groups?

I used to feel this way too. I had my "family” life, my "business" life and my "spiritual" life and rarely did the three intertwine. I didn't think my family wanted to know my spiritual life, and I was especially careful to not merge my business life and my spiritual life for fear that I would be judged or not taken seriously — so I compartmentalized my life in a major way.

Over time I felt less authentic in all the spaces because I wasn't bringing my fullest self to any of them. The pain of inauthenticity became so great that I had to unite my separate identities. Once I realized my work life, personal life and spiritual life were actually one and the same and merged them in a major way, I was able to bring my whole authentic self to everything i did — no acting necessary.

The women's entrepreneur group that I started, She Made It, is all about spirituality and personal development and how working on that is the best thing you can do for your business. It's a total integration!⁠ Poo~Pourri employees get personal development and spiritual teachings all the time; it’s all energy and the same principles apply.

Do whatever it takes to bring your fullest most authentic self into every environment you're in, regardless of what it is or who's there. If you can't, move to spaces where you can show up authentically. You'll find freedom beyond your wildest belief and you’ll be amazed at how your life transforms.

Are you living as your authentic self in every area of your life? If not, what changes can you make to start moving towards that?

[Image credit: Daniel Johnson / @circlecirclemath]


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