A few years ago I bought a church in Dallas. Everyone told me it was a crazy idea, but hey, I’m used to that by now. The church made me feel more alive than ever, and I knew it could be a sacred place to play and create for not only me, but others who also carried a vision or a precious idea of what was possible in the world.

We started by calling it the “Temple of Transformation” and soon evolved to calling it the “Sensorium” which means the “entire sensory and intellectual apparatus of the body.” That seemed about right, since I’ve discovered that the body is our most precious resource for attuning to success and happiness in life.

The Radical Resonance retreats are held in the Sensorium, an 11-bedroom church converted into a safe, beautiful, exploratory space where you can be set free to rediscover your natural state of flow.

In a Radical Resonance Retreat, I walk you through how to recognize your own radiance through identifying resonance, unwind destructive patterns, and energize your own life and business easily. Get ready to generate Radical Results!


Happier and Lighter

“The Radical Resonance Retreat really allowed me to feel what was going on with a family situation and explore the origins of how it had unfolded. Since the workshop, I have been doing my best to practice listening to my own body, not overriding it, and have found I am so much happier because I feel lighter knowing that I am choosing my life and suddenly from this so many good opportunities have presented themselves!”


Clarity and Confidence

“After attending a Radical Resonance Retreat hosted by Suzy I left with a complete understanding of why certain things in my life had worked and why others had not. It refocused my attention and gave me clarity on what decisions I needed to make personally and professionally. I walked out the door with clarity and confidence. You cannot put a dollar amount on those two things. It opened my eyes to tools that I already possessed within myself that I had not been using and how putting them to work would drastically change my life. I used her system coming out of the seminar and since then have finished my first manuscript, laid the foundation for a new business, and closed the door on a personal relationship that was hurting me emotionally. I have never felt so much freedom and aliveness within myself!!! Her seminar gave me courage, strength and hope. That day drew a line in the sand for me and laid a foundation for my future. I am beyond grateful.”

– Michelle

Courage to Express Myself

“It was one of the most precious experiences I’ve ever had here in the U.S. I feel very grateful and fortunate to have participated in the workshop, and to learn how to listen and capture my own energy level and body sensations to develop a resonance radar within my own self and follow through with it in life.

Being from China, culturally we are taught to always please others to stay in harmony, but tuning into my own resonance has already begun to help me at work to be more efficient and create better results. Thank-you for helping me become more courageous to express myself and follow my own flow!”

– Lu Yang

Confident in Intuitive Decisions

“I realized that 98% of the time, I go against my “gut” feeling, thinking I need to be more open-minded, when for the most part, my intuition has never led me the wrong way! I practiced using Radical Resonance the rest of the week and weekend, and even my boyfriend saw that I felt confident in my intuitive decisions. I wasn’t so “wishy-washy.” Thank-you!”

– Nicole B.

Alive, Awake, Grateful

“Since the Radical Resonance Retreat, I feel alive, awake, and so very grateful! Thank-you Suzy for sharing this gift with me. It is totally answered prayer and I’m on FIRE!!! I’m no longer as anxious or afraid of anything because I can find my way out now and back to flow. I look forward to the magic that is unfolding in, as, through, and for me as a result of practicing Radical Resonance.

I can’t wait to read the book and take more workshops. I am so excited to see Suzy share this with countless others. As she says “Let’s Liberate & Transform that Sh*t” I’m all in, and Thank You!!!”

– Alva Baltimore

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